PAN-VT Agency is a reliable partner

Trust and professionalism are the keys to our success. At PAN-VT Agency we are committed to providing first-quality service to our clients and partners and to guarantee successful cooperation. We strive to be as friendly as possible to our clients, offering them higher discounts, more promotions, and faster but quality individual service, than the other agencies. We would be glad to see you at our workshops, as well as to visit you to discuss our work together. As our partner you are always welcome to our office.


As a small family company our personnel consists of president, e-business manager, office manager, assistant office manager, graphic designer and translators. We subcontract other companies and professionals when necessary.
PAN-VT Agency has offices in Sofia and Veliko Tarnovo.

Krasimir Panchev

E-business Manager
Iliyan Panchev

How to get in touch with us:

PAN-VT Agency

130 Knyaz Boris I Str., Apt. 2
Sofia 1000
Tel.: +359 2 980 5925
Tel.: +359 2 980 5343
Fax: +1 775 618 8613
Mobile: +359 888 33 88 78
Mobile: +359 899 28 33 99
web site:
Skype: pan-vt-boss

Firm Registration

PAN-VT Agency consists of 2 firms:
1. “PAN-VT” ST, registered in 1991, BULSTAT: 814100890; and
2. “PAN-VT” Ltd., registered in 2001, BULSTAT: 104544395


Study and work abroad

PAN-VT Agency offers various education and work programs abroad.

United Kingdom

• English language courses with job opportunities
• Professional courses (IT, Accounting, Management, Marketing, Travel, Tourism and Hospitality, Security)
• Setting up a self employed business (incl. limited company)
• Au Pair
• Highly Skilled Migrant Programme
• Accommodation


• English language courses with job opportunities

United States of America

• Summer Work and Travel Program
• Trainee Program
• H2B
• Au Pair

Real Estates And Accommodation

PAN-VT Agency provides the following services:

• Real estate purchases, sales and lets within Bulgaria and abroad (homes, offices, garages, production and trade facilities).
• Real estate consulting.
• Real estate evaluation.
• Real estate management.

Expert and Business Evaluation

PAN-VT Agency provides expert and business evaluations with the help of a highly qualified team of licensed professionals in the field of real estate, intellectual and industrial rights, property and works of art.

Project Engineering

PAN-VT Agency provides the following services:

• Design And Planning of buildings
• Consultancy

Publishing and Translation

PAN-VT Publishing House is registered in 1995. It aims to find and popularize talented Bulgarian and foreign authors. The publishing house assists talented individual as well as collective works and at the same time seeks the assistance of foundations and cultural Institutions for the realization of more scientific projects. Its program is aimed at poets, writers, literati, philosophers, musical artistes, artists, scientific circles, etc.

Other Services:

PAN-VT also provides the following services:

• The Publishing house also provides translations to and from Bulgarian in the following languages: English, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Hungarian, Slovenian, Polish, Romanian, and Serbian.
• Word processing, scanning, copying, binding, advertisment materials production and web site development.
• Organizing of national and international seminars and workshops in the field of science, culture, arts and business.